Miss Murphy wonderful news

Posted on July 23rd, 2014 in General News by Mahi

She smile when she laugh

she deos woderful thing for us



she is the best teacher ever and my first I love

she alway make lovely jokes for us

She’s my teacher and my best teacher

she alway show’s us how to do math,literacy, topic,sience and art the most




what would happen if fich could talk

Posted on July 23rd, 2014 in General News by Maxence

If fish could talk andtheygo under the want They cant breath and we mmenly dont have’  fish can talk.and fish. If fish talk then the family cant understand what they are saying.

What would happen if cow could fly

Posted on July 23rd, 2014 in General News by Mahi

If cow could fly they would see the birds when they twit and they fly high as possible even they could speek very loud and noisybut when they twit they also eat so fast and maxi mun.

what if cats could turn invisible?

Posted on July 23rd, 2014 in General News by Bryan

If cats could turn invisible they could sneak up and take are food. If cats could turn invisible they could destroy the camras.  They could corse traffic. We can not see them. They could jump on are heds.

what if cats could turn invisible?

Posted on July 23rd, 2014 in General News by Lukasz

If cats could turn invisible the cat could run and then turn invisible and run everywhere in the house with nobody seeing the there cat.If cats could turn in invisible the cat could eaisily catch the birds when the birds stand next to the giant ponds.

Report coment

Posted on July 23rd, 2014 in General News by Gabriel

In year 3 i enjoyed art,sience and maths.in particular i enjoyed drawing our landscapes.in sience i liked experamint to investagate how absorbant different types of paper are.I maths i enjoyed bargian because  we got to play a shop game.In year 4,i want to impove in art,because the landscapes drawing was very hard.

What if dog could fly

Posted on July 23rd, 2014 in General News by Breanna

It would be just weird becuse what if a dog was fliying and it was playing it mabe something  bad could happen or mabe one of the dogs hits the ball into and it fell into a pool and one of the dogs say I will get it and then the dog went into the water and he get wet  so he cann’t fly anymore.

What would happen if cat’s could turn invisible

Posted on July 23rd, 2014 in General News by Aris

If cat’s  can  turn  invisible dog’s  will never  ever  chace   cat’s because the  dog’s  wll  go throw the cat’s and cat’s will never be afraid. because  they will  know dog’s will go throw them and know one thing coulden’t see the cat if they are invisible.cat’s can be comfused

What would happen if cats turn invisibls?

Posted on July 23rd, 2014 in General News by Paula

I cats turn invisible they go everywhere. The cars,vans and policeman/women did not notist the cat was invisible walking from the road. When, the light turned green the cat did not notest the light was greenthe cars, vans and the police cars looked at the cat turned ginger. It was a kitten the police man came near me and I ran as fast as I can . He went to the house has lot of cat’s and kitten’s the police man did not see where they where going. The police man and women are lost. There were mum and dad and sisters and brothers, they lived happly ever after.

All about meeting my new teacher

Posted on July 23rd, 2014 in General News by Breanna  Tagged ,

Miss Carlie is so lovey and she is pretty she kind when we met her we did lots of fun things we made her a class book

she said that she loved it I can not wait to see her next week eeeeeeeek

World Cup!

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I am looking forward to the world cup finals and I hope that Argentina win it. Yesterday I watched Argentina vs Switzerland and I thought it was going to penalty. Fortunately, Di Maria scored a goal at extra    time,and they won!

The great rescue paragraph 5

Posted on July 10th, 2014 in General News by Marriyah  Tagged

So there wev where , balancing on the uneven wall, as if we where walking  the plank. Grippi ng the disguisting guttering tightly , I carefully lowerd myself down . 3 mintutes later and we where back at mums . “Ron where are my fist and chips ?” she shouted , eyeing sindey sucpicously . Mum was absoulty astonished as we blurtted out what had happend . She picked up the phone and dailed 999.

The Secret Cave

Posted on July 10th, 2014 in General News by Samuel

Once a pona A time There lived a Secret Caveman With His Own Secret Cave.. This cave Isnt Just a Normal Cave This Is a Magic Cave…

Poem: Teachers dreams

Posted on July 10th, 2014 in General News by Nero

teachers dreams

teachers dreams

may not be as it seems

mr lyford

dreams of his class to

buy him the most gold money can aford

teachers dreams

teachers dreams

may not be as it seems

mrs hurst

dreams of her class to

chuckle unil they burst

teachers dreams

teachers dreams

may not be as it seems

mr Hines

dreams of her class to

to practice lots lines

teachers dreams

teachers dreams

may not be as it seems


Rapuzal part 2

Posted on July 10th, 2014 in General News by Esha  Tagged

RAPUNZEL PARENTS by FERNL One day a prince was running by. Then he saw Raponzel and asked her that why do you always stay up there.

Tangled rapunzel poster 20

Why have ogres started to invade schools?

Posted on July 10th, 2014 in General News by Joanne  Tagged

It is a well known fact that up until around about five years ago the majority of ogres were eager to devour and demolish puny settlements. Now,however they zoom in search of populer schools to devour and demolish all the teachers! So what has caused this ghastly but extrodenery change?

Ogeroligests belive the main reason that they are devouring and demolishing the popular schools is owing to the fact that they like the mixture of teachers and childrens bones. Subsequntly, they decided to look elswhere for there food.

Unfortunately thier colassal spades move 10 times faster than the speed of light and as a result they can quickly dig under schools at lunchtime and demolish the adults then devour the children. The ogres find different children fascinating to devour.So that is why adults and children have been vanishing caused by ogres demolishing them.

Ogeroligests think that ogres find it effortless to devour adults and children is owing to the facts that they have become very skilled at digging, which has enabled them to demolish a great number of adults and children.

So that is why, if you catch sight of a shadow you think are imagining- but in fact it is an ogre of to devour and demolish another innocent school (maybe even yours!)

The great rescue…

Posted on July 10th, 2014 in General News by Mahi  Tagged ,

Somebody was coming up the stairs!Quickly, we hid behind an old cupboard.I could hear my heart drilling very fast in my chest and my throat bursting out of fears.What if we were found?The frightened girl peeked at me through the darkness as she shook.I thought she was making me nervous.

Slowly, the door opened and we heard silence without no noise.Then the sun flickered on through the window.Sparkly shiny light cut through the darkness,looking in to all the dark dirty corners.Holding my hand very tightly, I tried to make myself as tiny as possible.After a few moments the light went away. Who ever it was standing there still with no movement,is listening.We could hear each gasping breath.BANG! The door closed and the silence clicked back down the stairs.As we climbed down the window and slid down the sticky roof .

It had only been half an hour ago, when grandma had sent me down to nando’s with 23 pounds strict order for no fish on her chicken.Scarly, when I arrived at Late Street,I stared at the number 20.It was ready for bulldazing, which the town was delighted,as a result that many horrifying things that happened there!It had then that I’d seen a bright light at the window.Then I saw a face.I stood there obsorbing.It was a girl mouthing something……and the word was”please save me please!”

Frightendly,I smashed a window around the back and broke in.20 seconds later, I’d found him,a trapped prisoner in an dirty and clean, rotten corner of an kitchen.Quickly, he’d only just finished telling me that he was the Queen’s son,Thomas Hamis!And about the 1,000 money when the kidnappers had came back to move him to a carefull and tidy house.Quickly,we needed to move….. quickly.

So there we were, tryng to balance on the wall making sure that we don’t get caught.We were holding tight and clenching very tight, I made my self go down.We ran as quickly as a tiger like we could run back to my house.”So Jackie Laura where’s my Nando’s?”Dad asked, staring to Thomas scarely.


Tooth fairy un fairy’ness

Posted on July 10th, 2014 in General News by Saahil  Tagged

It is not fair because the Tooth fairy give’s smart children lot’s of money,due to the fact, that the Tooth fairy give less money to the misbehaved children.Children belive that Tooth fairy’s are not real,owing to the fact, that the tooth fairy are real.

Cinderella part 2

Posted on July 10th, 2014 in General News by Mahi  Tagged

When Cinderella started to dance with the prince the stepsisters were gelus  due to the fact that thay went to there partment and cried that they didn’t have a turn dancing with gage prince.since they cried they said a sicrat to each other. TO BE CONUINEd!

Old bear

Posted on July 10th, 2014 in General News by Mahi

It wasn’t anybody’s birthday,but Bramwell Brown had a feelings the today was going to be a special day.He was sitting thoughtfully on the windowsill  with his friend Duck,Rabbit and little bear when he suddenly remembered they someone wasn’t there who should be.A very long time ago, he had seen his good friend old bear  being packed away in the box.Then he was taken up the ladder, though a trap door and into the attic.The children were being to rough with him and needed somewhere safe to go for while.Has he been forgotten

What if Cats were Invisble?

Posted on July 10th, 2014 in General News by Pawan Pun  Tagged

If Cat’s were invisble, they steal our precious things, they might make us believe Ghost are real!!! Were gonna trip over these menancing Cat’s. I hope they don’t scratch me, because this is dreadfull.I hope they don’t use all of there 9 lives to 8 lives.If they climb up trees, who’s gonna help them and that’s also hilarous because we get revenge.Because there invisble they get  themeselves hurt!!

Robot Stan and Rust

Posted on July 2nd, 2014 in General News by Bartosz  Tagged ,

Ages ago there was a pleasent robot. His name was  Stan. Stan was very forlorn contrary to the fact that he had no family. So he decided to construct  a family. He got some robot parts and built himself a family. When he assembled his family he started to become keen. They had lots escapades  together. But one time in the rain they started to erode When they started to rust his wife broke and he was sad again.When he was loney he decided to go to a diferent continent with lots of robors.

                                                       To be continued…

Tooth fairy Un’fairy’ness Competition

Posted on June 30th, 2014 in General News by Miss Murphy  Tagged , ,

Following on from our Tooth Fairy letters, I think it would be really exciting for us to write the reasons we think the tooth fairy is sometimes unfair. There will be prizes for the best ones. I would like to see at least one paragraph written

I am looking for:

Mild – full sentences with CL and .

Spicy – use of causal connectives (due to the fact, because, owing to the fact, sunbsequently)

Hot hot hot – drop in clauses and causal connectives at beginning of sentence


Good language:

Experts believe…

Scientists have discovered…

Toothologists have found…

Good luck and take pride in your entries!


From Miss Murphy

what would happen if dogs could fly

Posted on June 25th, 2014 in General News by Esha

They could go all around the world.If someone has a pet dog it would be hard to control them.They can reach things easily like there food.They could run away from there homes.They could fly around there house.Or if you take them outside you have to tie a ribon

What would happen if trees could walk?

Posted on June 25th, 2014 in General News by Nevaeh  Tagged

If trees could walk trees would be all over the place. If trees could walk trees would be partying.

What would happen if dogs could fly

Posted on June 25th, 2014 in General News by Yousaf  Tagged

If dogs could fly that means thatdogs would be able to chase cats more rapidly faster .i wouldnt be scared of dogs then if i see dogs fly i would be shocked and amazed.

what would happen if trees could walk?

Posted on June 25th, 2014 in General News by Saahil  Tagged

If they could walk they could knock down houses and building.They could even bang other tree’s that can walk and they can bang  into tree’s that can’t walk.They can smash building’s and house’s because they are big,fat and long  tree’s.


what would happen if pigs could play football?

Posted on June 25th, 2014 in General News by Esha  Tagged

They could hit very slowly becase they have small legs.They can run whith the football near the goal and goal it.They can say that ok i am kicking left put instead there kicking right and the goalkeeper will go left.They could injer there self or someone easily or they could be bad at it.

what if cats could turn invisble

Posted on June 25th, 2014 in General News by Wiktor  Tagged

If cats could turn invisble cats would be dedly animals they could get a toy and move it araownd and the person would think it is a ghost.Cats would cost not a lot of mony due to the fact you would just wach toysbe flying around.

Saahil’s story

Posted on June 25th, 2014 in General News by Saahil  Tagged

Wilf  and Wilma were green planet kids.They were helping to clear up toadstool wood.They had a cart.It had’ green planet kids’ on the back.Toadstool wood was a mess.There were lot’s of plastic bag’s,drink cans and crisp packets.They all picked it up and put all the rubbish in the plastic sack.They went to the pond.It was full of  junk.TO BE  CONTINUED …..

Darkness song

Posted on June 25th, 2014 in General News by Mahi

The darkness is coming the darkness is coming the darkness is coming though my  heart  when you look under my face I see your heart growing up  so your goner make  it without my girls so your goner make it scenes so your goner make it sense

what If cats could be invisble

Posted on June 23rd, 2014 in General News by Abdul

If cats could be invible. They’ll go anywhere  they want and they will sneak in houses.They’ll eat all the food and drink the milk.The cats will bite people.


Men on the moon

Posted on June 23rd, 2014 in General News by Aris  Tagged

If  you  look   up  at   night  you  will  see   the  moon.You   might  see  all    of   the  moon…

…  or  you  might    see  part  of  the  moon.The sun  lights  up  the   moon.Until  1969,no  living   thing  had  ever  been   on  the  moon.The  first  man  on  the  moon was  American. Look  at  his  boot  mark  on  the  moon.

The  men  had  a  big  rocket  to  get    to  the moon  . They  had   a  saturn   5   rocket. The  men  sat  in  this  part  of   the  rocket. 5,4,3,2,1, go.

Why Do Dragon’s Invade Towns and Cities?

Posted on June 20th, 2014 in General News by Samuel  Tagged

Well It Is Well known Fact  That Scientist’s Believe That Dragon’s Stared to Invade Town And Cities Scientist’s Found out that Dragons invaded towns and Cities Because long long time ago Dragon’s Were Feasting on Villages And Unfortantly Villages all died Dragon’s searched for a Villages but  The  Dragons Ate all he innocent Villages so they Started to Invade and feast on Humans from now on The villages Had’nt Had much meat in them so they Thats why they Dragons invade towns and cities….

If Dogs Could Fly?

Posted on June 19th, 2014 in General News by Scarlet  Tagged

If dogs could fly.It would be wierd because I would get a pet dog it would fly around the room  and chace butterflys .It may go in my room and play fetch with my toys my sister would laugth and grin with joy .it would be like owning a pet bird .We would need to put its cage in a tree so it can fly in its cage at night. It will need a verry long leed

what if dogs could fly?

Posted on June 19th, 2014 in General News by Vishal  Tagged ,

If dogs could fly nothing could catch him,dogs can do amazing stunts.They will be faster,they will fly to space and they, will be good at phisics, they will do our phisics homework for us.

What would happen if dogs could fly?

Posted on June 19th, 2014 in General News by Skye  Tagged ,

If dogs could fly it would be strange.I would get a dog and every night I would creap out of bed and get on my dog out of the window.Then say up,up and out. we would go up in space and fly over the moon!

Then in the morning ….


will be continued !

The darkness part 2

Posted on June 19th, 2014 in General News by Saahil  Tagged

It  feels a bit scary and the part that I like was that you said ice fingers on my shoulders.The darkness looks more like It’s dark.Then what happened was It felt like I had ice everywhere on my body and half of my face too!This was very very very frightening!


what would happen if dosgs could fly?

Posted on June 19th, 2014 in General News by Joanne  Tagged ,

what whould happen if dogs could fly?

It is a well known fact that,up untill around about 5 years ago, the majoraty of dogs coulden’t fly. Now, however they swoop around the universe in search of other flying dogs! So what has coause this extrodenery change?

Dogoligests think that the main reason dogs have been able to glide is owing to the fact that they can jump really high and then flap there paws really fast!

If Dogs Could Fly

Posted on June 19th, 2014 in General News by Karl  Tagged

If dogs could fly…….. then their owners would have a very big, problem of reaching the top of their house to scoop all, of the discusting poop off of the top of thier poor roofs.Dogs would be flying everywhere. They would be all over the place.They would be like over sized pigeons, eating all the pigeon bread and doing pigeon things.Thier owners would also have another very big, problem with losing all their dogs because thy can fly cant they?So They would be flying all around the world, and their owners may possibly never ever skarlee them again.

What would happen if dogs could fly ?

Posted on June 19th, 2014 in General News by Marriyah  Tagged

Once upon  a time there was a little girl who had a super dog . This  little girls name is Jessie . Jessie would feed her dog brush,  play,and take care of her dog. This dog was not an ordinary dog it was a magical  dog he could fly !   He was the only dog that could fly everyone was  absoulatly amazed that Jessies dog could fly. One day when Jessie tucked in bed the dog flew away. In the morning Jessie looked and looked but she could not find her super dog. All day and night Jessie was so worried  about her dog she could not consider about anything but her dog…

The Story Of Spiderman part 1

Posted on June 8th, 2014 in General News by Samuel  Tagged

Once A upon A  Time There Lived A  Teenager Which Was PeterParker. He Was A Caring Boy And  His Time Came To become something…. Wednesday 8th Of  May While He Was In The Lab Room  A spider Got Radoactived and He Got Bitten By The Spider! He Felt A  bit Dizzy And Went Back  Home And He Fell Asleep On His Bed And A Minute later He Felt Quite Better But A Little Bit Wired?  And He Went His Uncle and Said Uncle I feel A Bit Wired? Dont worry Son Go out And Have Fresh Air. ok. And That Was The Time That He Figured Out His Power He Was Just On The Ballcaney And He Slipped Down And Fell But He Was Trying to grab a wall and His Hands Stuck To It And He didnt Fall So He Paniced and Clime back on and he rushed to Uncle Ben And He Had The Most Greatist Experiance of His life He Could Clime walls! And Then He Desidied to Make a Dress And Become A SUPER HERO! He Was Exsited so much That He Desided to Call Himself  SPIDERMAN  and his power that he could do is clim wall and he made a web shooter he was giving the web shooter a try and it acaually worked! He could Web a sellfone and itll just fly to his hand it was perfect! So he was climing a wall and he tested his web out on buildings He webbed it but he webbed wrong way round so he webbed and it  just slinged out a web and he carefully jumped and he was flying! in the air he did many tricks and he was flying through town and now spiderman was slinging webs everywhere and he was still flying and now he gonna be a hero he gonna stop villanes! so he kelp his secret indentity away from people TO BE CONTINUED……


The Darkness

Posted on June 8th, 2014 in General News by Miss Murphy  Tagged

I squinted through the semi-gloom of the fog. Was it a light I saw? I couldn’t be sure. Shuddering, I inched forward, pleading with my feet not to make a noise. CRACK! I had stepped on something – maybe a twig. I knew they would hear it and it would only be a matter of time before they were here. I needed to move… and fast! It was then I felt the icy fingers on my shoulder.


This is the beginning of my story. Can you continue it for me? Who am ‘I’? What am I doing? Where am I going? What will happen?

Anything you write needs to be extremely good. Remember – one sentence at a time! Think it, say it, write it, check it!

There will be prizes for the best pieces of writing.

Good luck,

Miss Murphy

At my great aunt and uncles house.

Posted on May 31st, 2014 in General News by Skye

On the 23 of may we went to my great aunts and uncles house for a sleep over. When we go to their house we always have a massive lunch and a massive tea so we’er always full at the end of the day. My first cousin once removed has died and she had a rabbit called francios and now my great aunt has francios we sometimes play with him but he’s quite shy so he usually hides in his bed. We went to a farm and I was brave so I tried out the 15 meter slide first and it was the steepest slide there was and one time I went down that slide I accidentally pushed my self really hard and I was at least 10 cm away from the slide so I just droped and I thought it would hurt but it only hurt a bit and I was wearing tites because we had to wear something on our legs and we weren’t caring a spear pear of socks and it was really hot so mummy went to go and get a drink and she got us each a big slush puppy and it was blueberry and strawbery and it was delicious and after we drank our slush puppy’s we went to a colloasal climing frame and in the collosal climing frame there was a zip wire and Callum kept saying he was teleporting but actuly there was a rope bridge on top of the zip wire and he was going on the rope bridge and we were nearly  flying because we were swinging on some really high tyres!



The End made by Skye

Zombie Apocalype part 2

Posted on May 22nd, 2014 in General News by Samuel

Yesterday My Survival Went Quite Bad and good I found A Survivor Her Name Was Rhinna  And She Saved My Back When I Was Searching The Zombie And… Rhinna! What? Get Back INSIDE!  What about you? IM  Coming  lets Go!  go go go go!!!!!!  UHHHH BRAINSSS…..   BAM!  BAM! BAM! GET INSIDE! Ok! We,re Safe For Now?  What Did You  Get Rhinna Just Some Ro….. What A minute? I thought We Were Looking For Food? Yeah I didnt expectite to be that dangerouse  We Could had Died! Crack!? What Was That? OH NO!!!!!!  THE ZOMBIES ARE BREAKING IN  We GOTTA  MOVE FAST!!  PACK EVERYTHING QUICKLY UHHHH…….BRAINS……..HURRY UP GOT EVERYTHING!!!!  LETS ESCAPE THIS TOWN BY MY CAR!!!   BAMBAMBAMBAMBAM!!!!!  GET INSIDE THE CAR! VROOM!!! GOGOGO!!!!  BAMBAMBAM!!!  WE ARE IN THE CLEAR FOR NOW!  where are we going? TO THE ONLY SAFEIEST PLACE EVER!!!! THE  UNDERGROUND BASE!!!  COME ON!!!!  FASTERFASTERFASTER!!!!  SO MANY OF ZOMBIES THERE EVERWHERE!!!! BUT NOT AT THE UNDERGROUND BASE OH NO!  YOU LEFT THE FOOD! SORRY!!  LETS GO IN IN IN IN IN IN!!!  BAMBAMBAM!!!!  TO BE CONTINUED……….


Spider-Man 1

Posted on May 22nd, 2014 in General News by Pawan Pun  Tagged

There was a teenager,who buyed a bottle of milk, as soon he was about drink his milk, a man ran fast and the fat shopkeeper chased after him.”Hey,kid a little help here.”Not my problem.”said Peter.He went to the subway station but then he heard a. “BANG”!He went to check it out, but soon realized it was his uncle. “Uncle Ben please,hang on,”said Peter sadly.”UUU…Peter take me to the ambulace aahh!”Somebody call an ambulance.”No one called the ambulance.Sadly Uncle Ben died.

Peter went to see some scientific thing, he also worked as a photographer but up at the there was an Radioactive spider  which got in his hand  and bitted him. “Ow.”said Peter slowly, started to feel very sleepy. He went home and fell asleep.


(to be continued)

Infected Day 4

Posted on May 22nd, 2014 in General News by Karl  Tagged ,

Yesterday we were chased to the prison by zombies,now were there and few of my men have survived  these 4 days of zombies and we are being infected slowly lets just hope we can save humanity.We keep having to run from place to place because those blasted zombies keep breaching we either hold the prison or we flee to another place I don’t know where and I don’t know when but i’m shore at some point we’ll have to leave here.”Sir we are running out of ammo!” “Then well have to look somewhere in the prison for more!” “Quick!” “Sir one of our men has been infected!”…………

Beat The Street Walk

Posted on May 22nd, 2014 in General News by Karl  Tagged ,

On Thursday the 22nd of May I went on a Beat The Street walk and I went all around reading tapping beep boxes(that’s what i call them).There were only 8 but it took us quite a long time to tap them all.At the end I went round to my friend Jake’s house and I had lunch there.Then we googeld www.reading beat the street.me and looked at how many points we got.So far i have 150

Cinderella with a hard work by Mahi

Posted on May 22nd, 2014 in General News by Mahi  Tagged ,

One day there was a girl called Cinderella her step mother and her step sisters was playing in the piano for years and years due to the fact that Cinderella step sisters and her step mother had calling for help because Cinderella is a buterla for 30 weeks by now and she didn’t have a break for 3 hour she had a hard work  and it’s Cinderella’s birthday tomorrow.TO BE CONTUIN!

The Zombie Apocalype part 2

Posted on May 22nd, 2014 in General News by Samuel

yesterday The Apocalype had Risen  From The dead But Luckly I managed To find A Survivor Her  Name Was Rhinna She Helped My Back After I was searching Zombie Officer I managed to find a Key but We moved into the underground base because of the zombies And Rhinna Left The Food At Our Old base and Rhinna!  Cover my Back Again! ok! bam! bam1 bam!!! uhhh….brainsssss….bam! out of ammo! When Get in! uhhh…brainsss… clank! close the door!! ok! clank lock! phew! reload your ammo. Swap Weapons at the gun store. ok. so  my plan is to move bases after we get ready because that iron door isnt going to hold on for long so we move at..? ahh  The armyzone ok Rhinna What? we going to move at the armyzone. ok? come on lets go vrooooom! lets go! ok the armyzone is there! ok. destination armyzone ok thats where we get our more supplies. ok and we are here! Rhinna Run fast! ok! here we are the armyzone ahh our supplies! Rhinna close the doors quickly. take our supplies Rhinna  taking  health kits Ill heal you Rhinna. TO BE CONTINUED…..

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